Our main line of products are all kinds of slings, including chain, wire rope, webbing, round and various combinations thereof. In range of additional equipment we provide several types of shackles, turnbuckles, lifting points, sockets (wire rope fittings) or individual sling components such as master links, hooks or chains.

In our offer we also have a lot of wire rope constructions from simple wire ropes  (1×19 or 6×7), through the most common constructions (6×37 or WS6x36), and at the typical crane ending (35×7 or 19×7). We maintain regular contact with several recognized distributors in Poland and abroad, who have a wide range of products, and together they provide a wide range of possibilities. You should also remember that even if you do not find the needed construction at our website, it’s very possible that we will be able to offer it – we encourage you to submit your query.

Besides of wire ropes, we also sell the natural and synthetic ropes. Furthermore very popular are chain hoists, mainly lever and manual. On special request, we can equip the hoist in specified length of load as well as operating chain. In addition, in our offer we have specialized hooks for lever hoists, in shipbuilding version (more massive body hook, shorter horn). These hooks fit for most hoists, which are available on the Polish and European market. Due to the fact that the hooks do not have a latch, are intended only to work on steel structures located on the ground (bending plate, tightening elements, etc.).

At our warehouse we also maintain the lashing belts mainly in two-part version, with lashing capacity 2500/5000daN. We also have all the necessary elements to prepare lashing chains (chain lanyards). On special request we can supply the lashing chains (chain lanyards) in naval version. For the purposes of rail and sea transport we stock woven straps and special buckles.

A large part of our offer are various kinds of clamps for steel plates transport of both horizontally and vertically, as well as other elements, such as curbs, barrels or concrete rings. If You can not find a suitable clamp – we encourage you to submit your query. We are in constant contact with manufacturers and in many cases it is possible to perform individually designed clamp (at order) to customer needs. Moreover, we are able to offer the interesting price and short term of delivery of  standard and special versions of traverses or spreader beams. We also distribute hydraulic components. We offer products of two well-known manufacturers: Yale and Hi-Force. Good contacts with suppliers allow us to quickly and efficiently implement our customers’ orders. In addition, we offer a personal safety equipment (safety harness, safety ropes, shock absorbers, snaps, etc.), anchor equipment (chains, swivels, kenter joining shackles and anchors), bouy fittings (chains, swivels and shackles), as well as many other products directly and indirectly related to our industry. We have extensive contacts, and with them an access to a wide range of products.


Maciej Świeściak & Michał Skierś