Proof load tests

In pursuit of the ever-growing market of steel constructions and not only, we introduce a new range of services in the ALFA Logistics company. New services concerning a possibility of measuring the weight of the structure under construction or already finished just prior to final acceptance by the customer. To this end, we provide two hook weight – Load Cells (dynamometers): 50,0t and 100,0t, cooperating with shackles and equipped with radio remote control with range up to 200,0m. In addition, one of the pilots gives the ability to connect to a computer (eg. laptop), and then print the graph of load test with comment. Both load cells are certified according to EN ISO 7500-1: 2004 Class 1. Additional equipment – bow shackles with safety pin (55,0t and 120,0t) by EN 13899: 2005, also has relevant declarations of conformity available in Polish, English or German.

Our offer include also a compression sensors (Compressive Load Cells) in range of work (at the ideal weight distribution) to 40,0t, 200,0t and 1200,0t. Equipment has a function for calculating the total mass and the center of gravity for items triangular, square and round. These compressive cells, as well as electronic equipment is certified according to EN ISO 7500-1: 2004 Class 1. There is a possibility to connect the central module to a computer (eg. laptop) and observe the conduct of a test (weight distribution on the individual compressive cells) in the standard internet browser. In addition, there is an option to print the charts with the appropriate comment.

Completion of the above devices are bags filled with water. The bags are an ideal alternative to fixed ballast (steel, concrete or stone). The only requirement is relatively close to the source of water for example: harbor, canal, pond. Water load bags are certified according to the requirements of LEEA 051 (including the PN-EN 1492-1, 1677, 13889). The water load bags are equipped with shackles and master links for easier attachment to the hoisting equipment (a crane hook, spreader beams, different types of slings, etc.).

Furthermore, in future in our offer will also be available buoyancy bags, which are used for performing the maritime rescue, or launching small ships by sinking of the pontoon, as well as water load bags for flat surfaces tests. Such kind of water load bags are necessary for testing the strength of bridges, walkways for passengers at ferry terminals, gangways, various types of loading ramps, as well as off-shore steel structures.


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